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Case number W/03/01573/PP


Location: Fearon, Boreley Lane, Ombersley, Droitwich, WR9 0HW

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Application Type: Householder planning

Parish: Ombersley

Ward: Ombersley

Application Received: 13 August 2003

Statutory Start Date: 15 August 2003

Consultation Period From:

Consultation Period End:

Decision Date: 14 November 2003

Case Officer: Fran Juckes

Status: Decided

Decision: Approved - Planning application

This decision is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of five years from the date of this permission.

    Reason - In accordance with the requirements of Section 91 (1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

  2. The permission shall relate to the originally submitted plan(s) and to the amended plans received on 8th September and 13th November 2003.

    Reason - To define the permission.

  3. Details of the form, colour and finish of the materials to be used externally on top of the dwarf walls and for the roof of the conservatory shall be subject to the approval, in writing, of the Local Planning Authority before any work on the site commences.

    Reason - To ensure that the development is visually satisfactory.

  4. The development, hereby permitted, shall be used solely for purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house and for no other purpose.

    Reason - To retain planning control over the use of the building hereby approved.

  5. No development shall take place until full details of both hard and soft landscape works have been submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority. These details shall include the following:-

    1. treatment of the development site boundaries (including position, design, materials and type of boundary treatment);

    2. a schedule of hedge plants noting species, plant sizes and proposed numbers and densities;

    3. a programme of implementation;

    4. a schedule of maintenance for a period of five years commencing at the completion of the final phase of implementation, the schedule to make provision for the replacement, in the same position, of any plant that is removed, uprooted or destroyed or dies or, in the opinion of the Local Planning Authority, becomes seriously damaged or defective, with another of the same species and size as that originally planted.

    The works shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details, the programme of implementation and the schedule of maintenance.

    Reason - The Council considers that these requirements are necessary to protect and enhance the visual amenities of the area and to discharge its duty under S197 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

  6. Any new access gates/doors shall be set back 5 metres from the adjoining carriageway edge and shall be made to open inwards only.

    Reason - In the interests of highway safety.

  7. Prior to the occupation of the development hereby approved, the driveway and/or vehicular turning area shall be consolidated, surfaced and drained in accordance with details to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority at a gradient not steeper than 1 in 8.

    Reason - In the interests of highway safety.

  8. Prior to the use of the new access the existing vehicular access onto the adjoining highway shall be permanently closed. Details of the means of closure and reinstatement of the existing access shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority prior to the commencement of work on the development hereby approved.

    Reason - To ensure the safe and free flow of traffic using the adjoining highway.

  9. The proposed driveway shall be permanently retained for the turning and parking of vehicles and shall not be used for any other purpose.

    Reason - In the interests of highway safety and to ensure the free flow of traffic on the adjoining highway

  10. The hedgerow to the north of the access is permanently removed and the proposed fencing is set 2 metres back from the nearside edge of the carriageway.

    Reason - In the interests of highway safety and to ensure adequate visibility.

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Mrs M Baker
c/o agent


Active Permissions
Flat 1&2
62 Henwick Road

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Date: 30 April 2003
Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed: Approved - Cert Of Proposed Lawful Use
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