Planning Application

Case number W/13/01970/CU

Change of use of land for the stationing of 30 static caravans for holiday purposes (10 months per year excluding December and January)

Location: Kimberleys Field, Field Barn Lane, Cropthorne

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Application Type: Change of use

Parish: Cropthorne

Ward: Fladbury

Application Received: 17 September 2013

Statutory Start Date: 21 October 2013

Consultation Period From: 23 October 2013

Consultation Period End: 15 November 2013

Decision Date: 16 December 2013

Case Officer: Anna Brindle

Status: Decided

Decision: Refused - Change of Use

This decision is subject to the following conditions:

  1. At present the site is a roughly grassed meadow with mature boundary planting to the southern road frontage. There are currently numerous breaks in this hedgerow which allow partial views into the application site from the south. The existing boundary to the west is currently entirely open offering full views into the application site. As a result of the proposed intensity of development proposed on this site, positioning 30 static caravans and associated internal roads, the development would appear as an intense and vivid urbanised land use within the context of the surrounding open countryside. As a result, this development would be totally inappropriate within this prominent position on the junction of Field Barn Lane and the B4084 which offers one of the primary routes into the village of Cropthorne.

    As a result, the proposed development will cause significant harm to the character of the open countryside and would be contrary to policy ECON20 of the Wychavon District Local Plan 2006.

  2. The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for the area indicates the entrance to the site from Field Barn Lane could be at risk from surface water flooding. Insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that the proposed caravans would not be affected by surface water flooding. As a result the proposal would be contrary to Wychavon District Local Plan Policies ENV18 and ENV19 and the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework (paras. 100 to 105).

  3. The proposed development will generate additional vehicle and pedestrian movements to and from the application site. These additional trips will prejudice highway and pedestrian safety for the following reasons:-

    (i) the existing vehicular access arrangements to serve the proposed development has severely restricted visibility in northerly direction. Additional vehicular use of this access by vehicles is likely to compromise the safe movement of traffic and safe use of Field Barn Lane by others; (ii) the total lack of pedestrian footway connectivity from the application site along Field Barn Lane to the Evesham Road B4084 would be likely to compromise the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians; and (iii) at the junction of Field Barn Lane/ Evesham Road, B4084 visibility measured at the X distance of 2.4 metres to the stopping sight distance measures 71 metres or thereabouts. Manual for Streets sets a desirable minimum distance of 103 metres whilst Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) sets a desirable distance of 120 metres. The additional use of the junction where visibility is below recommended criteria is likely to compromise the safe movement of traffic and the safe use of the junction by others.

    For these reasons, the proposed development would not ensure a safe and suitable access to and from the site and prejudice highway safety. The proposal would be contrary to the provisions of policy GD2 of the Wychavon District Local Plan and the provisions of the NPPF (para. 32).

  4. The information submitted with the application identifies the potential for parts of the site to be occupied by or used by protected and valued species, such as amphibians and reptiles. However the application submission fail to include important information such as data search result for biological records and surveys results of potential refugia for reptiles and amphibians. For these reasons, there is reasonable likelihood of protected species being on the site, yet insufficient information has been submitted to firmly establish their presence or otherwise. This is contrary to the provision of ODPM Circular 06/205 (para. 99). Without sufficient information, the application fails to demonstrate that the proposed development would not harm or put at risk of harm any protected species and that the scheme complies with policy ENV6 of the Wychavon District Local Plan 2006 and the provisions of NPPF (particularly para. 118).

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Mr B Kimberley
35 School Road


Mr A Gatier
Gatier Planning Consultants
4 Mistletoe Mews

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