Planning Application

Case number W/14/00293/PP

Alterations to existing approved planning application (W/12/02800/PP) to carry out single and two storey extension to 5 no existing dwellings to include the reinstatement of a private road to serve dwellings.

Location: Woodside Cottages, Hindlip Lane, Hindlip

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Application Type: Householder planning

Parish: Hindlip

Ward: Lovett & North Claines

Application Received: 11 February 2014

Statutory Start Date: 20 March 2014

Consultation Period From: 25 March 2014

Consultation Period End: 26 April 2014

Decision Date: 13 August 2014

Case Officer: Vicky Stone

Status: Decided

Decision: Approved - Householder Application

This decision is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The materials to be used in the construction of the external surfaces of the extensions hereby permitted shall match those used in the existing building.

    Reason - To ensure that the proposed works are executed in materials, which harmonise satisfactorily with the existing building.

  2. All existing trees and hedges on site, or branches from trees on adjacent land that overhang the site shall be retained and shall not be felled or pruned or otherwise removed within a period of five years from the completion of the development without the previous written consent of the Local Planning Authority.

    Temporary fencing for the protection of all retained trees/hedges on site during development shall be erected, to a minimum height of 1.2 metres, below the outermost limit of the branch spread, or at a distance equal to half the height of the tree, whichever is the further from the tree.

    Such fencing should be erected in accordance with BS 5837:2005, before any materials or machinery are brought onto site and before any demolition or development, including erection of site huts, is commenced.

    This protective fencing shall be maintained on site until the completion of development, and nothing should be stored or placed, nor shall any ground levels be altered, within the fenced area without the previous written consent of the Local Planning Authority.

    There shall be no burning of any material within 10 metres of the extent of the canopy of any retained tree/hedge.

    If any retained tree/hedge is removed, uprooted or destroyed or dies, replacement planting shall be carried out in the first available planting season of such species, sizes and numbers and in positions on site as may be specified by the Local Planning Authority.

    Reason - To prevent existing trees/hedges from being damaged during construction work and to preserve the amenities of the locality. In accordance with Policy SUR2 (and ENV7 where site has nature conservation value, and ENV8 for protection of existing hedgerows, trees & woodland) of the Wychavon District Local Plan (June 2006).

  3. Prior to the first use/occupation of the development hereby permitted, the details set out in the submitted Water Management Statement which was received via email from Mr Edward Deacon, dated 3 July 2014 and as detailed on the 'Service and Drainage Layout' drawing No.WS/03/14 Rev B shall be fully implemented and remain thereafter. Reason - To ensure that an appropriate sustainable drainage system is provided to serve the development and to reduce the consumption of water. This is in accordance with the SPD on Water Management.

  4. No works shall be carried out to the roof structures (including tiles, under-felt, eaves/soffits, ceilings and the internal loft spaces) of the existing buildings (plot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) until a detailed method statement based on sections 2 and 3 of the 'Mitigation and Enhancement Scheme for Bats' by Focus Ecology dated July 2014 has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority and an appropriate bat license has been granted by Natural England. The works shall thereafter be carried out in strict accordance with the submitted and agreed mitigation strategy.

    Reason - to ensure compliance with the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 and paragraphs 109 and 118 of the NPPF.

  5. Development shall not re-commence on site until the applicant has taken photographs of the buildings affected by the development in accordance with the guidance sheet from Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service. The photographic record of the buildings shall then be submitted to the County Historic Environment Record within one calender month from the date of taking the photographs.

    Reason - To ensure that a record of the historic significance of the site is maintained in accordance with Local Plan policy ENV12, and para 141 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

  6. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995 (or any order revoking, re-enacting or modifying that Order), no other means of enclosure other than that approved under this application (as shown on drawing no. WS/02/14 Rev B) and agreed by condition 8 of this permission shall be erected around the perimeter of the site or between the individual plot boundaries unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

    Reason - To protect the amenities of the locality and the openness of the Green Belt, in accordance with saved Local Plan policies SR7, ENV1 and GD2 of the Wychavon District Local Plan (June 2006).

  7. Prior to the installation of the proposed 1.5 metre post and rail fencing for the site boundary (this does not include the boundary details of the site boundary to the adjoining site at West Mercia Police) and to be erected between the individual plots within the site an elevation plan at a scale of 1:50 demonstrating the design of the fencing, shall be submitted and approved in writing by the local planning authority. All works shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details and constructed prior to the dwellings first being occupied.

    Reason - To protect and enhance the visual amenities of the area and to ensure the satisfactory development of the site - in accordance with Policy GD2 and Policy ENV1 of the Wychavon District Local Plan (June 2006).

  8. The development hereby permitted shall not be brought into use until the access, turning area and parking facilities shown on the approved plan have been properly consolidated, surfaced, drained and otherwise constructed in accordance with the approved details as demonstrated on drawing number WS/02/14 Rev B and WS/03/14 Rev B. These areas shall thereafter be retained and kept available for those uses at all times.

    Reason - In the interests of highway safety and to ensure the free flow of traffic using the adjoining highway.

  9. The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans:

    Location Plan WS/01/14 - Existing Site Survey WS/02/14 Rev B - Proposed Site Plan - Amended (Received 12/08/14) WS/03/14 Rev B - Proposed Drainage and Service Layout - Amended (Received 12/08/14) WS/05/14 - Existing Floor Plans and Elevations - Plots 1 & 2 WS/07/14 - Existing Floor Plans and Elevations - Plots 3,4,& 5 WS/06/14 - Proposed Floor Plans and Elevations - Plots 1 & 2 WS/08/14 Rev B - Proposed Ground Floor Plans and Elevations - Plots 3, 4 & 5 - Amended (Received 12/08/14) WS/09/14 Rev B - Proposed First Floor Plans and Elevations - Plot 3,4 & 5 - Amended (Received 12/08/14)

    Reason - To define the permission.

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Mr J Barnett
Jacustom Developments
14 Lickey Square


Mr E Deacon
Principle Design
6 Sansome House (rear)
Office 2, First Floor
Sansome Walk

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Date: 4 January 2013
Householder planning: Approved - Householder Application
Proposed alterations and extensions to the 5 no. dwellings at Woodside Cottages, including construction of a new shared driveway within the site.
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