Planning Application

Case number W/14/00711/PN

Erection of 20 dwellings comprising 12 private market sale dwellings and 8 affordable dwellings, construction of new access and associated drainage work on Land to the south of Harpley Road Defford.

Location: Land off, Harpley Road, Defford

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Application Type: Non-householder planning application

Parish: Defford

Ward: Eckington

Application Received: 3 April 2014

Statutory Start Date: 10 April 2014

Consultation Period From: 16 April 2014

Consultation Period End: 26 September 2014

Decision Date: 29 September 2014

Case Officer: Anna Brindle

Status: Decided

Decision: Refused - Planning

This decision is subject to the following conditions:

  1. This application proposes a density and design of development which is inappropriate to, and at odds with, the edge of village character of the site.

    The site is positioned in an exposed location and will be fully visible to views from Main Street to the south until such time that the proposed planting buffer has reached some degree of maturity (estimated to be 15 years). As such, the overall bulk of the built form in addition to the domestic paraphernalia associated with the properties would cause unacceptable visual harm to the local environment.

    In addition the proposed development would cause harm to the setting of St James' Church, Defford and Grade II* Listed Building. The proposed development would be seen in a wide arc from the south west of the site and would be highly intrusive in the setting of the church. The current setting of rural fields and hedgerows over which the church belfry will be seen would be significantly altered. The proposed development would harm the setting and significance of a designated heritage asset of the highest significance.

    As such, approval of this application would be contrary to policies GD2, ENV1 and ENV14 of the Wychavon District Local Plan 2006 as well as the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework, particularly paragraphs 17, 109, 131 and 132.

  2. Harpley Road is unsuitable in its present alignment and various widths to serve the proposed development by reason of lack of pedestrian footway and connectivity and lack of street lighting. In addition the position of the proposed access is close to a bend, on a downhill gradient where insufficient visibility is available in a easterly direction measured at the X distance of 2.4m. The proposed estate road junction is directly adjacent and also encroaches onto an existing vehicular access serving the Village Hall, also being adjacent to an existing field access.

    For these reasons, the safe movement of traffic and the safe use of the road by others is likely to be compromised and the scheme is therefore contrary to policy GD2 of the Wychavon District Local Plan 2006 and NPPF paragraph 32.

  3. Whilst noting the applicant's willingness to enter into a legal agreement, no secure arrangements are in place to ensure the provision of contributions to be made towards:-

    - the enhancement/provision of education facilities within the area; - provision/enhancement of built sports facilities - provision and future maintenance of off-site public open space - Worcester Transport Strategy; - recycling; - cycling; - enhancement/provision of off-site formal sports facilities.

    As such, the application is contrary to saved policies GD3, SR5 and COM12 of the Wychavon District Local Plan 2006, the provisions of the Council's Supplementary Planning Document on Education Contributions (April 2007) and the provisions of the Council's Supplementary Planning Guidance Note on Developer Contributions Towards Service Infrastructure.

  4. Whilst the applicant has indicated a willingness to provide affordable housing as part of the proposed development, no legal agreement is in place to secure the provision of any affordable units. For this reason the proposed development and application is contrary to saved Policies GD3 and COM2 of the Wychavon District Local Plan 2006, the provisions of the Council's Affordable Housing SPG as well as the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework on delivering a wide choice of high quality homes (in particular paragraph 50).

  5. The application site extends beyond the allocated housing site and proposes a scale of development well in excess of the housing allocation (5 units) set out in the emerging South Worcestershire Developmment Plan. The Council is able to demonstrate a robust housing land supply position and there is no imperative need to secure additional housing. The benefits of the proposed development are significantly and demonstrably outweighed by the disadvantages of the scheme as set out above and as such the proposal fails to represent sustainable development.

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Mr M Gay
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